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Why mutual support matters: surviving as Deaf/HoH graduate students at a predominantly hearing institution

The Mind Hears was excited to learn that Anne and Breanne are two deaf graduate students in the same School of Integrative Plant...

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And I knew the silence of the world

"I am holding on with both hands and never letting go."

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Three reasons why I chose industry research over academia

-Alex Lu After a long five years, my stint as a PhD student was finally reaching its end – and that meant I...

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6 Ways to Dismantle Barriers for Disabled Faculty on Campus

This is a repost from Dr. Stephanie Cawthon’s blog, where she explores topics such as educational access, equity, attainment and deafness. ‘6 Ways...

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Eloquence is Overrated…and Exhausting

–Hi there. I’m Sara, and I’m almost deaf.  As folks with hearing loss, we have been trained to speak clearly so that we...

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Making your in-person and remote workplaces accessible for your deaf/HoH colleagues

The Mind Hears annual post on how to make your in-person and remote academic workplace accessible to deaf/HoH colleagues.

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Navigating a masked world when you are deaf/HoH

-Ana While the pandemic rages around the world, I know I have been incredibly lucky. Like many, I have struggled to keep my...

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“Moving Together”: Or Researching Health Care Access as a Disabled Academic

If my credibility as a researcher is in question, I’d rather people not focus on my social status, because the “ideal” academic researcher...

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I owe my career to the invention of email

Academics even a few years my senior had to rely on telephones for networking.

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When to tell? Applying for jobs when you are deaf or hard of hearing

-Ana Going on the job market was a fraught decision for me. As a postdoc considering tenure-track faculty positions, I relied on hearing...