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Harnessing social media to advocate for accommodations

While just the mention of ‘social media’ can elicit eye rolls from our senior colleagues, many of us deaf and hard of hearing...


Who am I at a Research Conference: the Deaf Person or the Scientist?

At academic conferences, I am a scientist first, and deaf person second.


Traveling and Conferences: When Bacteria Has a Party

In my first post for The Mind Hears, I want to tell you a little about my background, then outline some strategies that...

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Captions and Craptions for Academics

We encourage all presenters to use real-time auto caption for every presentation. However, if a deaf/HoH person requests CART, real-time auto caption, even...


Using FM Systems at Conferences

-Michele You’re wearing your hearing aids, sitting at a conference presentation, feeling confident that you’re understanding what’s going on, when it happens. The...


Making an impact at high-stakes conferences

At high-stakes conferences deaf/HoH can make an impact through small or one-on-one thoughtful discussions.