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The best place for my hearing aids is on my desk

Instead of expecting me to strive to be a hearing professor, why not expect that each of us makes the classroom less disabling...

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1 out of 4 people on a hiring committee think I can’t do my job

— Michele “On your faculty job application, don’t say that you have hearing loss ‘cause, you know… you function just fine.”  Enmeshed within...

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Harnessing social media to advocate for accommodations

While just the mention of ‘social media’ can elicit eye rolls from our senior colleagues, many of us deaf and hard of hearing...

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Writing reference letters for disabled mentees

When explaining why you want to mention their disability in your letter, share with your mentee specific character traits that you notice them...

Sketch of an alert rattlesnake with forked tongue and active rattle. The text says Passing the Rattlesnake Test
deaf/HoH experiences

Passing the rattlesnake test

The combination of my slight deaf accent, excellent bluffing skills, and the privilege of being able to follow well-lit conversations with low background...

deaf/HoH experiences

How much listening is too much?

As academics, our jobs require us to listen to others all the time—in our classes, in faculty meetings, in seminars, and when meeting...

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I owe my career to the invention of email

Academics even a few years my senior had to rely on telephones for networking.


Under-represented: Where are all the deaf and hard-of-hearing academics?

-Michele Through working on The Mind Hears since Sept 2018, I’ve had the chance to meet some amazing deaf and hard-of-hearing scholars and researchers.Our...

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Captions and Craptions for Academics

We encourage all presenters to use real-time auto caption for every presentation. However, if a deaf/HoH person requests CART, real-time auto caption, even...


Using FM Systems at Conferences

-Michele You’re wearing your hearing aids, sitting at a conference presentation, feeling confident that you’re understanding what’s going on, when it happens. The...