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The sound we can see: working with hearing loss in the field

When I was 19 I went for a checkup with an audiologist and found out that I was hearing only 90% of what...


Mandated equal opportunity hiring may not ensure equal considerations by hiring committees: A hypothetical scenario

-Ryan Imagine that you are a deaf/hard-of-hearing (HoH) person applying for a full-time academic position in a U.S. public institution of higher learning....


Under-represented: Where are all the deaf and hard-of-hearing academics?

-Michele Through working on The Mind Hears since Sept 2018, I’ve had the chance to meet some amazing deaf and hard-of-hearing scholars and researchers.Our...

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Applying for jobs – When should you reveal your deafness?

-Ana Graduate students, postdocs, and other academics applying for jobs face a hypercompetitive job market, limited geographic options, and a potentially withering assessment...

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Deaf Gain -> diverse and stronger research

my deafness shapes my approach to science in ways that benefit my research

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The more I missed, the more I made

My work habits are all about filling in the fear of how much I have been missing and have missed in this world.

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Why the world needs another blog

By sharing various ways that we approach different challenges, we hope to build a community toolbox of solutions.