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Presentando The Mind Hears [La Mente Oye] a académicos de habla hispana

-translated by Ana Our goal for The Mind Hears is to have it serve as a global resource for deaf and HoH (hard of hearing)...

deaf/HoH experiences

The Eight Faces – a deaf artist’s perspective on masks

At this moment, after 2 years of pandemic living, many COVID restrictions are being rolled back in the communities where we – Michele...

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Dear Students: Listen Up. Like, for Real. 

Is there anything as vulnerable as a deaf person standing in front of an expectant audience?

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Lessons from the pandemic: work innovations that we are keeping

The last year required a myriad of adjustments in our professional lives. For those of us in academia, much of it entailed moving...

Sketch of an alert rattlesnake with forked tongue and active rattle. The text says Passing the Rattlesnake Test
deaf/HoH experiences

Passing the rattlesnake test

The combination of my slight deaf accent, excellent bluffing skills, and the privilege of being able to follow well-lit conversations with low background...

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Why mutual support matters: surviving as Deaf/HoH graduate students at a predominantly hearing institution

The Mind Hears was excited to learn that Anne and Breanne are two deaf graduate students in the same School of Integrative Plant...

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And I knew the silence of the world

"I am holding on with both hands and never letting go."

Lyrics from Vomit Arsonist "no one can help you" sound with image of barbed wire in the background. "no one its a lonely journey where suffering in silence is the standard suffering alone suffering all I ever want is someone to ask if I'm ok but no one ever does
deaf/HoH experiences

The Sounds of Silence

Stephen Klusza takes us on an enchanting multimedia journey leading up to his decision to get an cochlear implant in grad school.

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Hearing and understanding are not the same

Hearing that sound is happening is not the same as processing sound. 

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6 Ways to Dismantle Barriers for Disabled Faculty on Campus

This is a repost from Dr. Stephanie Cawthon’s blog, where she explores topics such as educational access, equity, attainment and deafness. ‘6 Ways...