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Profile: Dr. Hilde Haualand

Background? I am a deaf multilingual in several signed and written languages (and selectively and contextually, sometimes also spoken languages), who grew up...


Profile: Dr. Maartje De Meulder

Background? I was born in Flanders, Belgium to hearing (non-signing) parents. I am the oldest of four. I grew up hard-of-hearing and became...


Conquering faculty meetings (or not…) when deaf/hard of hearing

-Ana Making it as a deaf/hard of hearing (HoH) academic can often feel like a game of whack-a-mole. Between research activities, teaching duties,...


Profile: Dr. Stephanie Kerschbaum

Associate Professor of English, University of Delaware, Newark, DE, USA Field of expertise: Writing Studies Describe your hearing: I wear two behind-the-ear hearing...


How do you introduce your deafness to your class?

In the first class of the semester you can outline what students should expect of you and what you expect of them.

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