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Smiling white man sits at a table with a model of the human ear in front of him. He wears black sweater and behind him are shuttered windows. The text on the right reads " Cochlear implants are not my thing... yet" On the left "the Eagle Ear Blog' is written below The Mind Hears logo.
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Cochlear implants are not my thing… yet

Now, only after I had kept (and still keep) hearing from my peers with hearing loss who now wear cochlear implants and are...


Profile: Dr. Maartje De Meulder

Background? I was born in Flanders, Belgium to hearing (non-signing) parents. I am the oldest of four. I grew up hard-of-hearing and became...


Who am I at a Research Conference: the Deaf Person or the Scientist?

At academic conferences, I am a scientist first, and deaf person second.


Under-represented: Where are all the deaf and hard-of-hearing academics?

-Michele Through working on The Mind Hears since Sept 2018, I’ve had the chance to meet some amazing deaf and hard-of-hearing scholars and researchers.Our...


Using FM Systems at Conferences

-Michele You’re wearing your hearing aids, sitting at a conference presentation, feeling confident that you’re understanding what’s going on, when it happens. The...

Woman gesturing and wearing behind the ear hearing aids
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Deaf Gain -> diverse and stronger research

my deafness shapes my approach to science in ways that benefit my research


Making an impact at high-stakes conferences

At high-stakes conferences deaf/HoH can make an impact through small or one-on-one thoughtful discussions.