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I owe my career to the invention of email

Academics even a few years my senior had to rely on telephones for networking.

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Science in ASL is a whole different language: Interpreters in STEM

— Megan Majocha Deaf and hard of hearing scientists often face a lack of communication access, which is troubling because they have made...


Invitation to an online meet-up with The Mind Hears community

One of our goals with The Mind Hears blog is to build a community and reduce isolation for deaf and hard of hearing academics. To...

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Making your in-person and remote workplaces accessible for your deaf/HoH colleagues

The Mind Hears annual post on how to make your in-person and remote academic workplace accessible to deaf/HoH colleagues.

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Understanding unfamiliar accents

I wrote this post on an airplane coming back from an international conference I attended in Thailand. Because of the distance involved, participation...


Profile: Dr. Khadijat Rashid

. Background? I’m deaf, as in profoundly, deeply deaf. I can’t even use hearing aids because they are worthless for me, though I...

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Profile: Dr. Jaipreet Virdi

I try to hold my own work at the accessibility standards I want to see for everyone.

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Profile: Dr. Paige Glotzer

I finally realized: if I wanted to be a historian, I was going to have to do not just the work my peers...

A brown-skinned woman wearing a blue patterned dress, a gray headwrap, and hearing aids sits on a bench looking to the right. To her right, a white cane stands upright.
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“Moving Together”: Or Researching Health Care Access as a Disabled Academic

If my credibility as a researcher is in question, I’d rather people not focus on my social status, because the “ideal” academic researcher...

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The Mind Hears affirms that Black Lives Matter

-Michele Cooke and Ana Caicedo The murders of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, and too many others stem from historic and continued...