Invitation to our 2nd The Mind Hears online community meet-up

One of our goals with The Mind Hears blog is to build a community and reduce isolation for deaf and hard of hearing academics. To provide an opportunity for our community to meet and interact, we are hosting a series of “open house” drop in sessions on Zoom, where people can come along to network, chat, and share experiences. You can meet other deaf and hard of hearing academics including folks who have contributed to and been profiled by the Mind Hears.  Students are welcome!

cartoon of a coffee cup with The Mind Hears logo. The text invites folks with details provided about the open house. These details (time) and registration link are also provided in the blog text.

Our first session on the 7th October 2022 was a great success with ~15 participants sharing ideas and concerns. Our next open house is Friday 28th April and will run for 1.5 hours (see a list of times in different time zones below). Pour yourself a cup of tea or coffee, and stay for as little or long as you would like. Unfortunately, we can’t provide cake as this is a global event.

  •    18:00-19:30 CEST
  •    17:00-18:30 BST
  •    12:00-13:30 EDT
  •    09:00-10:30 PDT

To provide a safe space for the event, we are asking people to register in advance. Registration is free, and you will receive a link to access the event upon registration. Please follow this link to register.

The session will have both CART transcription and two American Sign Language interpreters. Auto-captions will be embedded within zoom and we will provide URL to the CART transcription.

Looking forwards to seeing you,
-Michele, Ana and Steph (the Mind Hears team)

This event is supported with funding from Access Advance, the National Science Foundation and The University of Massachusetts Amherst.

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