Profile Gallery

white young man with helmet on Stromboli volcano with gas steam in background and rocky landscape
Oliver Lamb

October 2019: Geosciences NRC Research Associate at University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, USA. Currently based at the University of Iceland.

Formal head shot of white woman with brown ombre to higher hair, glasses and professional attire smiles
Paige Glotzer

July 2020: Assistant Professor in History at University of Wisconsin Madison, USA.

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White woman with short light brown hair wearing a t-shirt with image of Frida Khalo leans slightly right with a subtle smile.
Maartje De Meulder

January 2021: Senior researcher in Deaf Studies at the University of Applied Sciences, Utrecht, The Netherlands.

White man with receding grey hair wears a mask and is holding up a biological sample. He wears a short sleeve blue print shirt and is in a lab setting.
John Dennehy

July 2021: Professor of Biology at Queens College, NY, USA.

White person with glasses and short hair wears earrings and a blue check shirt under a blazer.
Foto. Mikael Wallerstedt
Anna Danielsson

March 2022: Professor of Science Education, Stockholm University

Formal head shot of white woman with short light brown hair and a big smile. She wears glasses and a back shirt.
Stephanie Kershbaum

January 2020: Associate Professor at University of Delaware. Now Associate Professor of English and Director of Expository Writing at the University of Washington, USA.

Young woman with brown skin and long black hair smiles. She has dark brown eyes and wears a black shirt and jacket. The background is blurred.
Jaipreet Virdi

September 2020: Assistant Professor of History at the University of Delaware, USA.

White woman with short wavy hair shot with grey. She is wearing a blue shirt.
Hilde Haualand

March 2021: Professor of Deaf Studies at the University of Oslo, Norway.

White woman with brown hair pulled back soles while looking to the left. She is wears red rimmed glasses and  coat and scarf - she is outdoors with birch trees behind her.
Krista Kennedy

November 2021: Associate Professor of Writing & Rhetoric, Syracuse University, USA.

Heather Fair

August 2022: Postdoctoral scholar in Biology, University of Minnesota

Stephanie Flude

December 2022: Earth Science PDRA,  freelance research, training and management consultant and artist

Asian man with short black hair wears a denim jacket over a light purple shirt. He is outdoors in front a shot window.

Alex Lu

March 2020: Computer Science PhD student at the University of Toronto. Now a researcher at Microsoft Research.

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Black woman with short braided hair smiles warmly. She wears a red jacker over a print blouse.
Khadijat Rashid

October 2020: Then interim and now Dean of the faculty, Gallaudet University, USA.

Formal head shot of white woman with long straight brown hair and a big smile. She is wearing a blue jacket over a peach shirt.
Stephanie W. Cawthon

April 2021: Professor of Education at the University of Texas Austin, USA.

Elli Harpum

February 2022: PhD student in Quantum Physics, University College London, UK.

Amelia Dall

October 2022: Archaeologist for the Bureau of Land Management – Royal Gorge Field Office and Archaeologist & Creative Specialist for SEARCH, Inc