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Making an impact at high-stakes conferences

At high-stakes conferences deaf/HoH can make an impact through small or one-on-one thoughtful discussions.


Sudden Remote Teaching – Deaf/HoH

As we know, the reality of "just switching to video chat classes" is NOT easy even for a hearing person teaching hearing people...

Lyrics from Vomit Arsonist "no one can help you" sound with image of barbed wire in the background. "no one its a lonely journey where suffering in silence is the standard suffering alone suffering all I ever want is someone to ask if I'm ok but no one ever does
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The Sounds of Silence

Stephen Klusza takes us on an enchanting multimedia journey leading up to his decision to get an cochlear implant in grad school.

White person with glasses and short hair wears earrings and a blue check shirt under a blazer.

Profile: Dr. Anna Danielsson

The more I’ve risen through the academic ranks, the easier I’ve found it to get accommodations for my hearing. Part of this is...

Young woman with brown skin and long black hair smiles. She has dark brown eyes and wears a black shirt and jacket. The background is blurred.

Profile: Dr. Jaipreet Virdi

I try to hold my own work at the accessibility standards I want to see for everyone.

pictures of spices is jars with labels in several languages
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What’s In a Name?

What’s in a name? that which we call a rose By any other name would smell as sweet. ― William Shakespeare, Romeo and Juliet Shakespeare’s...

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To Hear, or Not to Hear? The Mental Gymnastics of Hearing Device Use

I had planned to write this post about listening fatigue, but as I began writing I realized that a related yet rarely discussed...


New Year’s Resolution 2022: Making your in-person and remote workplaces accessible for your deaf/HoH colleagues

The new year brings a fresh start to our lives; it’s a natural time to reflect on the year past and make plans...

stick figures with masks have trouble understanding each other
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Navigating a masked world when you are deaf/HoH

While the pandemic rages around the world, I know I have been incredibly lucky. Like many, I have struggled to keep my kids...

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Understanding unfamiliar accents

I wrote this post on an airplane coming back from an international conference I attended in Thailand. Because of the distance involved, participation...

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Accommodating a Pandemic

Can we apply innovations in accommodating this pandemic to help us build a more inclusive long-term post pandemic academic workplace? I hope so.


New Year’s Resolution: Make Your Workplace Accessible

Reaching the goal of achieving an academic workplace accessible to deaf/HoH academics is a journey; we’ve assembled this list to capture just a...